006# 6″ DLX

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Firecrackers are a type of explosive device that uses high-energy chemical reactions to produce loud sounds. These devices use a mixture of oxidizing agents (usually nitrates) and fuel (typically charcoal). When ignited, these chemicals burn rapidly, producing intense heat and pressure. The resulting explosion produces a loud noise, often accompanied by bright flashes of light.

Safety firecrackers are designed to produce loud noises and bright flashes of light without producing harmful smoke or fumes. These devices are often used at parties and celebrations to create excitement and fun. They are also commonly used in fireworks displays and pyrotechnics shows. There are many different types of safety firecrackers, including sparklers, fountains, rockets, and even novelty items.

We supply genuine quality fireworks and crackers all over Tamilnadu, Pondichery, and Bangalore for Diwali festivals.



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